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The Walking Dead: Is Terminus In Macon, Georgia?

February 18, 2014 Macon No Comments

The Walking Dead: Is Terminus In Macon, Georgia?

By: Russ Burlingame on Feb 17, 2014

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    Based on a demeanour during a Terminus map from final night’s part of AMC’s The Walking Dead, patrician “Inmates,” it appears as yet a as-yet-unseen story plcae is set in Macon, Georgia.

    You can see a map from final night, corresponding with a map of a state of Georgia, above. Click by for a incomparable version.

    The map itself looks utterly a bit like any one of a array of chronological tyrannise maps of a state we can find online (Google Cram’s Railroad Maps of Georgia). Many of those maps use counties over cities as a incomparable designations, so Bieb would be featured some-more prominently than Macon–and there’s a Macon county that’s usually tighten adequate to a city to be treacherous for out-of-state travelers–so that could explain a need for an swap nomination for a site.

    The west side of Georgia has a really specific outline where it borders Alabama. You can see that outline in a picture above (Georgia in a entirety seems to be shadowy rather some-more darkly, nonetheless that could be usually since there’s some-more fact in that apportionment of a map) and formed on a plcae of Terminus relations to a border, Macon is a usually city that seems to fit.

    michonne-maconYou can see this, particularly, when we demeanour during a small central indicate (almost like a nose on a face in profile) directly south of Columbus.

    In a deteriorate premiere, “30 Days Without an Accident,” Daryl referred to a Macon area as “seventy miles of walkers [where Michonne] competence run into a few un-neighborly types,” and disheartened her from streamer that approach to demeanour for The Governor. Needless to say, if a refuge being offering here is indeed by…err…The Sanctuary from a comics, a un-neighborly forms will be watchful for whoever reaches terminus, indeed.

    At a finish of that episode, Michonne set out for Macon, though never done it since of an damage postulated when a equine she was roving got spooked.  If Macon turns out to be a poignant locality for a series, it will be easy to demeanour behind on that stage as an feeling of some kind, a missed event or some darned good fitness for Michonne.

    (Speaking to an progressing point, this map clearly shows Michonne indicating to Macon County, not a city.)

    Macon a key location for The Walking Dead video game.

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    • “Un-neighborly types”; sounds like those could be The Hunters

    • He was vocalization speculatively–just disturbed that if we wandering too distant from home, we don’t know who you’ll meet–so it’s nobody in specific.nnnBut yeah, we design a Hunters this deteriorate and a provoke of a Saviors/Safe-Zone storylines subsequent year.

    Article source: http://comicbook.com/blog/2014/02/17/the-walking-dead-is-terminus-in-macon-georgia/

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