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Smyrna military hunt for fake 911 caller

January 6, 2014 Smyrna No Comments

Police are looking for a male who allegedly placed a artificial 911 call on Sunday evening, a Smyrna Police Department reports.

According to a detain warrant, Joseph Royce Coughlin, of Lawrenceville, reportedly dialed 911, told a runner he was Donovan James, and settled that a “violent rapist with transgression warrants” was during a CVS in Smyrna, located during 2994 Atlanta Road. When questioned as to how he performed a information on a purported felon, Coughlin told a 911 communications officer that he pulled adult a rapist story focus on his dungeon phone and found “all kinds of stuff.”

When authorities arrived, they ran a credentials check on a indicted individual, nonetheless there were no active warrants in a Georgia Crime Information Center nor in a National Criminal Information Center.

Coughlin is now wanted on a misconduct assign of wrong control of a 911 call. So for, he has not been arrested. Previous annals prove that Coughlin was arrested in Gwinnett County in 2009, on a misconduct assign of unwell to seem in court.

Article source: http://www.examiner.com/article/smyrna-police-search-for-fraudulent-911-caller

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